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Are you interested in giving Iaido (pronounced 'e-eye-doe') a try? Consider yourself to have a standing invitation to come and practice with us. New people are always starting and we're a friendly bunch. Come out and join us!

We welcome anyone who is interested to come and try a class. No previous martial arts training is required and you don't need to purchase any equipment for your first class; just be sure to wear comfortable athletic clothes. We'll be happy to lend you a bokuto (wooden sword) to practice with. Alternatively, if you feel you would rather see what iaido is all about before joining in a practice then you are welcome to come and observe a class at any time.

We practice every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the UBC location and every Friday at the Marpole location (schedule and class times are posted on the classes page). Practice times are shown below. For your first practice please try to come 10 minutes early so we can give you a quick introduction to iaido. We look forward to seeing you!

If you'd like to let us know you are coming, or you'd just like a little more information, please contact our instructor Hiro Inoue Sensei.



Iaido can be enjoyed with little or no financial commitment. While we normally wear a white gi top and a black hakama bottom, but it's fine to practice in fitting athletic clothing. Our club can also loan bokuto (wooden swords) to committed members until they can afford to purchase their own equipment.

Free introductory classes are offered multiple times throughout the year.  Please contact us if you would like to come try Iaido, or watch a class.  Registration for regular classes is availible online at: UBC and MARPOLE location.



When starting out, all that is required to practice iaido is loose fitting athletic clothing and a bokuto (wooden sword). Our dojo has a limited number of loaner bokuto and so it is the first item that you may want to consider purchasing for yourself if you intend to continue with iaido after your first few practices. Plain bokuto can be purchased for around $65-$85 Canadian.

gi and hakama.webp

Hakama, Gi, and Obi

After the first couple months of practice you will be required to obtain a practice uniform. The basic uniform consists of a black hakama (traditional Japanese pleated horse riding pants), white or black gi (martial arts top), juban (undershirt worn under certain styles of gi), and Kaku obi (belt). It is important that you purchase an obi that is able to be wrapped around your waist three times before being tied. Any colour will do since belt colour is not related to your dan level in iaido. You will notice that muted colours are most common in our dojo because iaido is not meant to be flashy. Typically, a basic hakama and gi will cost between $60 - $100 each, and a good kaku obi will cost about $45-$60.



Once you have practiced with a bokuto for a while and become adequately proficient then Sensei will recommend that you purchase a metal practice sword called an iaito. If you come to practice regularly Sensei will probably recommend you get an iaito between 6 months to one year after you start. It is important that you wait until Sensei recommends you get an iaito for many reasons. First, though an iaito is not sharp, if you lack the skill to use it then you may injure yourself. Second, there are many poor quality iaito, shinken, and katana on the market and many disreputable vendors. Many iaito, shinken (real/sharp sword), and katana vendors sell cheap ornamental swords that should never be used for anything other than hanging on the wall. These poor quality wall hanger swords can fall apart over time or even come apart in your hands during practice. Poor quality swords put you and your fellow classmates at serious risk of injury. Third, you won't know what size to get. When you begin to look for an iaito you will see how many variations and sizes there are. It is important that before you purchase an iaito that you speak with Sensei and he approves the length of the blade and handle, colours, and vendor. For the most part you can be as creative as you want with your iaito, but it would be a terrible shame if you spend all that money on a sword that is the wrong size for you.

An iaito will be your most significant investment.  Expect to spend about $500-800 for a basic model.

Please consult Inoue Sensei prior to purchasing an iaito. Sensei and our other club members will happily aid you in purchasing the appropriate iaito (or any other equipment). Generally, you can expect to spend between $600-$1200 Canadian for a good quality iaito.

All swords must be inspected by sensei and/or a senior student before use in the dojo.


Reference of ARticles

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March 19, 2024

Five Essentials of Nukitsuke

March 22, 2024

Precepts of Kono Hyakuren Sensei


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Reference of Vendors

Below is a list of popular iaido equipment vendors for reference.

If you are a new member of our iaido club, feel free to discuss with our senior members before you make any purchases. We are happy to provide advice and information. Please consult sensei prior to purchasing an iaito. Sensei and our other club members will happily aid you in purchasing the appropriate iaito.

AOI BUDOGU (external link)

Local vendor here in Vancouver. You can shop in person at their store in Vancouver, or online as Aoi Budogu also delivers. 


BOGU SHOP (external link)

Another local vendor of kendo and iaido gear (they are primarily a kendo vendor, but they also carry iaido basics like uniforms and bokuto). 


TOZANDO (external link)

A Japanese mail-order shop, and a great resource for anything and everything related to iaido.

NOSYUDO (external link)

A Japanese mail-order shop, and a great resource for anything and everything related to iaido.


Reference of waza Sets

Reference of practiced waza sets.


Waza Set - Seiza No Bu

Seiza No Bu.png

Waza Set - Tatehiza No Bu

Tatehiza No Bu.png

Waza Set - Okuiai Iwaza No Bu

Okuiai Iwaza No Bu.png

Waza Set - Okuiai Tachiwaza No Bu

Okuiai Tachiwaza No Bu.png

Waza Set - Batto Ho

Batto Ho.png

Waza Set - Tachi Uchi No Kurai

Tachi Uchi No Kurai.png
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