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Precepts of Kono Hyakuren Sensei

1) Students must not add their personal interpretations or make even the slightest changes to the Iaido kata (forms) that have been passed on from ancient times.

2) Students shall train themselves while maintaining a strong resolve to correctly pass on to future generations the kata (forms) that have been passed on from ancient times.

3) The wielding of a sword is as a mirror reflecting the spirit of the person using it. Students shall not simply handle a sword but also practice in order to seek the meaning of its waza and its nature, and through this practice, train to improve themselves.   

4) Students shall strive to develop their character through the study of Iaido.

5) Iaido is a path of study that has value throughout one's entire life.  

- Kono Hyakuren / 河野百錬 (1898 – 1974)

Alternative English Translation

河野百錬先生 宗家訓





- Kono Hyakuren / 河野百錬 (1898 – 1974)

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