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Information about FX's 2024 


"When a mysterious European ship is found marooned in a nearby fishing village, Lord Yoshii Toranaga discovers secrets that could tip the scales of power and devastate his enemies." (IMDB)

We are excited to celebrate the air of this epic drama piece. You can find FX's 2024 SHŌGUN series on the official IMDB webpage (linked below). Also there are fantastic trailers available on FX Networks YouTube channel (external link), including historical reference and behind the scene videos. 

(partially featured in Bootcamp section on

The Making of Shōgun – Chapter One: Honoring Authenticity | FX)



FX's 2024 mini-series Shogun is the most recent adapation of the 1975 novel of the same name by James Clavel. Vancouver Rishin Ryu Iaido Club (Esaka Dojo Vancouver) worked on the production of FX's 2024 Shogun as BG, SAE, stunt performers, cast and instructors of the swordmanship. 

The club and its members on set dedicated at the highest level to bring forth the historical accuracy of swordmanship. We want to express gratitude to the participated club members and celebrate this unique experience of passing authentic iaido knowledge to a broader community and audience. 


Set to be in the 17th Century, the production of this drama piece pursues a high degree of accuracy on the handling of Japanese swords worn by the actors and stunts. Iaido's historical teaching linage is set as a formal referece. In particular, the wearing, drawing, martial movesets, and sheathing, as captured in details in many scenes, are the main focus of the club's consultation role. 


Many of our talented members also participated as actors and stunts, bringing their own talent and other forms of martial arts training to this production.


Photos, media and related sets are released with permission from FX's SHŌGUN (2024) press team. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or display of this content without consent is prohibited.

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It is a pleasure and honor to work with other Vancouver martial arts groups on the 2024 SHŌGUN production together. It is truly amazing to see a connected dedication to martial arts from different local schools of training, each bringing their own historical lineage to set. 

Thank you all for the collaboration and the SHŌGUN team that made it possible.

Please watch for members of our club to appear in the show when it comes out and for more information about the Vancouver Eishin Ryu Iaido Club, please contact us at:



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