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2013 Vancouver Kokusai Renmei Seminar

2008 Vancouver Iaido Seminar


Vancouver 2017

Kokusai Renmei Seminar

The Vancouver Eishin Ryu Iaido Club is proud to host the 2017 Seito Seiryu Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido Kokusai Renmei North American Seminar.

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Two senseis from Japan, Ishido, Akira sensei (8th Dan) and De Noon, Daniel sensei (Renshi), will be attending and providing valuable instruction along with the top senseis from North America.

We invite you to attend. Everyone is welcome at the 2017 Vancouver Kokusai Renmei Seminar. Whether you are new to iaido or have many years of experience, whether you practice regularly or are looking for a great way to get back into iaido, or whether you are from a different martial art, style, or organization, we invite you and welcome you to attend this unique and special iaido seminar. We look forward to seeing you.

Improve your iaido. Attending a seminar is one of the best ways to sharpen your skills in iaido. For those of you who have been away from iaido for a while, it is also the best way to catch up. You will have the opportunity to learn from and be instructed by senseis from Japan. Being taught by these senseis will help reinforce correct techniques and will give you a new or different perspective on what you can improve upon. We encourage everyone to take this opportunity to benefit from the skill and wisdom of the top senseis in this matial art.

Key Information:

Dates: June 2nd (Friday), 3rd (Saturday), 4th (Sunday), 2017
Location: UBC Student Recreation Centre Gym, University of British Colombia, Vancouver BC, Canada
- Ishido, Akira sensei (8th Dan)
- De Noon, Daniel sensei (Renshi)
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Registration closes April 30, 2017

Session and Enbukai Attendance Fees:
$60/session CAD, (4 sessions, $240 total)
$30 CAD Banquet, (Saturday, June 3rd)
$30 CAD Enbukai, (Sunday, June 4th)
(All session, banquet, and enbukai attendance fees must be paid in Canadian dollars. Please pay all fees to your local dojo's sensei. The Vancouver Eishin Ryu Iaido Club will collect the total amount from each dojo's sensei in Vancouver. )

Dan Examination Fees:
Please see the Dan Examinations section in the Detailed Information below for a full cost breakdown.

Detailed Information:

Program of Events:

  Day 1, Friday, June 2nd, 2017
Day 2, Saturday, June 3rd, 2017
Day 3, Sunday, June 4th, 2017
10:00   Morning Session

Shodan Shinsa
(Dan Examinations)

12:00   Lunch Break Lunch Break
14:00 Afternoon Session Afternoon Session Enbukai
16:00 Dinner Break    
18:00 Evening Session Banquet  






Taikai simply means a big event. Generally in iaido, Taikai is a special event with Enbu Kai (demonstration), Kyougi Kai (competition), and Shodan Shinsa (dan examinations). This Taikai, being an Iaido Kokusai Renmei event, won't have Kyougi Kai. At Enbu Kai, Iaido Kokusai Renmei will reward the best performance in each category with a certificate or other symbol of recognition. We invite everyone to attend and provide encouragement to the participants.

Enbukai (Demonstration):

- Enbukai (Demonstration) is for every participant in the seminar, even beginners.
- Demonstrations will be categorised by ranking group.
- Each participant is to select 5 waza of their own choosing to perform.
- The kneeling waza should be peformed before standing waza.
- The purpose of Enbukai is trying out and demonstrating the improved Iaido skills which you have gained during the seminar.
- The senseis will watch every one's Enbu and pick the best performer in each group.
- The best performer doesn't mean the person with the best technique, but rather the person who has tried to progress the most in Iai (who has put in the most effort and improved during the seminar).
- Unlike Kyougi Kai, this is not a competition. There are no winners and no losers.

We hope lots of people attend this Enbukai.


Shodan Shinsa (Dan Examinations):

In order to undergo a Dan examination your sensei must grant you permission. If you intend to undergo a Dan examination then please indicate your intention during registration.

Please have your Dan examination fees ready in Japanese Yen. All Dan examination fees will be collected by Iaido Kokusai Renmei in Vancouver.


Dan Examination and Certificate Fees


Examination Fee Certificate Fee Minimum Prerequisite Requirements*
Shodan (1st Dan) ¥ 2,000 ¥ 2,000 1 year of iaido practice
Nidan (2nd Dan) ¥ 2,000 ¥ 3,000 1 year after Shodan
Sandan (3rd Dan) ¥ 2,000 ¥ 4,000 1 year after Nidan
Yondan (4th Dan) ¥ 2,000 ¥ 5,000 1 year after Sandan
Godan (5th Dan) ¥ 3,000 ¥ 5,000 1 year after Yondan
Rokudan (6th Dan) ¥ 5,000 ¥ 6,000 2 years after Godan
Renshi ¥ 6,000 ¥ 6,000 2 years after Rokudan
Nanadan (7th Dan) ¥ 7,000 ¥ 7,000 3 years after Renshi
Kyoshi ¥ 8,000 ¥ 8,000 4 years after Nanadan
Hachidan (8th Dan) ¥ 9,000 ¥ 10,000 4 years after Kyoshi
Hanshi ¥ 10,000 ¥ 40,000 5 years after Hachidan, over 55 years of age

* You must have your sensei's permission to take a Dan examination.
* You must be a member of Iaido Kokusai Renmei to take a Dan examniation.
* You may become a Iaido Kokusai Renmei member at the 2017 Vancouver Iaido Seminar



Guest Senseis from Japan Travel Information:

Ishido Sensei's Arrival Flight Info:
Flight: American Airlines Flight 8436
Departing: Tokyo Narita THU 01JUN 6:20 PM
Arriving: Vancouver THU 01JUN 11:35 AM

Ishido Sensei's Departure Flight Info:
Flight: American Airlines Flight 8435
Departing: Vancouver TUE 06JUN 2:25 PM
Arriving: Tokyo Narita WED 07JUN 4:30 PM

Denoon Sensei's Arrival Flight Info:
Flight: Japan Airlines Flight 18
Departing: Tokyo Narita THU 01JUN 6:20 PM
Arriving: Vancouver THU 01JUN 11:35 AM

Denoon Sensei's Departure Flight Info:
Flight: Alaska Airlines Flight 2269
Departing: Vancouver MON 05JUN 9:41 AM
Arriving: Seattle MON 05JUN 10:50 AM


Accommodation On Campus Near Venue:


Additional Suggestions:

Vancouver Jericho Beach Hostel







Everyone who intends to attend the 2017 Vancouver Iaido Seminar must register online.

Registration is now open! Click Here to Register

Registration closes April 30, 2017.